Aluminium thickness
The thickness of the aluminium depends on the customer's preferences, the intended sailing region and the use of the yacht. The following thicknesses are applied as standard:

Deck  3 - 5 mm
Hull above the water line 4 - 7 mm
Hull below the water line 5 – 8 mm

Two examples of different thicknesses:
Stadtship 56 'Oester'
The 'Oester' has a hydraulic lift keel, to allow the yacht to dry out. This ship therefore has a 15 mm thick bottom plate. The other parts are 7 mm thick. Furthermore, this yacht features a custom built Park Avenue boom and an aluminium tiller.

Bestevaer 53ST 'Bestevaer II'
The first two metres of the Bestevaer II's bow consist of 10 mm plating, the remainder of the hull has a thickness of 7 mm. The deck has a thickness of 6 mm while the superstructure is 5 mm. This makes the 'Bestevaer II' suitable for sailing in light ice for destinations such as Spitsbergen. Another special feature is that much of the deck hardware - such as bollards, brackets and hand rails - has been custom-built of aluminium especially for this yacht.