The Bestevaer designs
All the ships that we build in collaboration with Dykstra Naval Architects are launched under the name 'Bestevaer'. The Bestevaers are exclusively built by KM Yachtbuilders. The designs that have been built up to now vary in length (48 to 100 feet), lines and character. The Bestevaers either have a spoon bow (S), a clipper bow (C) or a straight bow (ST). The S Series consists of elegant performance yachts, while the C Series comprises robust yachts with plenty of space.
Gerard Dijkstra designed the Bestevaer 53 ST for his own use. KM Yachtbuilders are proud to be the elected builders of the architect's own yacht. This is how the ST Series was born. A Dykstra design stands for a performance sailing yacht: fast and comfortable.

Architect Gerard Dijkstra
Gerard Dijkstra is a naval architect who enjoys sailing races. As a navigator he sailed the Whitbread Around the World Race on the yacht 'Flyer' with skipper Conny van Rietschoten - and won the race. In 2005 he broke the transatlantic speed record on 'Windrose'. Furthermore, he is well-known for projects such as 'Athena', 'Maltese Falcon' and several J-Class yachts.
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Best what?
Bestevaer was a nickname given to Michiel Adriaanszoon De Ruyter, one of the important Dutch admirals of the seventeenth century. The crew loved their captain and called him 'Beste Vaeder' (best father), which was then shortened to Bestevaer. The word Vaer also means sailor, seafarer. Thus, De Ruyter was not only the best father, but also the best seafarer. Bestevaer is a very fitting name.

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