We recommend the following accommodations for your stay:
- Bed & Breakfast Villa Mar, Makkum (driving time ca. 3 min.)
- Beach Hotel Vigilante, Makkum (driving time ca. 3 min.)
- Bed & Breakfast De Schans, Makkum (driving time ca. 2 min.)
- Logement It Ankerplak, Makkum (driving time ca. 3 min.)
- Hotel-Grand Cafe De Wijnberg, Bolsward (driving time ca. 15 min.)
- Hotel Almenum, Harlingen (driving time ca. 15 min ) Hotel & Restaurant GalamaDammen, Koudum (driving time ca. 25 min.) 
- Van der Valk Sneek, Sneek (driving time ca. 25 min.) 

If the accommodations above don't have any availability, please let us know so we can help you find another hotel or bed&breakfast.