Would you like us to contact you? Please e-mail us at info@kmy.nl. We will contact you as soon as possible.



Our annual Open Day will be held on September 26th from 11:00  -17:00hrs. Register your visit here!

For our new build yachts please call KM Yachtbuilders at +31(0)515 233 000 or e-mail info@kmy.nl.
For refits, maintenance and storage you can call KM Yachtservices at +31(0)515 23 88 88 or e-mail info@kmy.nl.
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 Yachtbuilders BV & KM Yachtservices BV
De Stienplaat 7
8754 HE Makkum
The Netherlands

T +31 (0)515-233 000
F +31 (0)515-233 022

CoC 01056955
Mo.-Fr. 07:00  – 17:00 hrs