When a little later the neighbour, a hull builder called Damstra Jachtbouw, went bankrupt, a number of his customers asked if Eeuwe could help them to finish their yacht, which was currently under construction at the time. Together with his sailing buddy, yacht painter Johann Mast, he founded KM Yachtbuilders. From that time onwards they also actively engaged in the sale of new aluminium sailing yachts.

Because Damstra was already working with Dykstra Naval Architects (DNA), Eeuwe and Johann wanted to stay with them. This is how the ‘Bestevaer’ brand came into being. Shortly afterwards, architect and founder of DNA Gerard Dijkstra had his own private yacht built at KMY and that got the ball rolling. Around 2007, Johann decided to focus more on his other company, Mast Jachtschilders, and since then Eeuwe has been the sole owner/director. In the ‘M’ in KMY now stands for Makkum.


The shipyard has grown from one employee (who still works at the firm) at the time of Kooi Makkum to 45 employees with a flexible shell of several professionals around them.


An average of about 4-5 yachts are built a year, depending on the size. And every winter there are at least 2 major indoor refit projects, as well as the smaller maintenance and refit work that are done.