Our course

The course we set is defined by quality, unlimited scope, our own way of doing things, robustness and teamwork.
That makes everything a bit better, more enjoyable and smarter every day. With respect for each other and our core values.

Course in Dutch is KOERS
K = Kwaliteit (Quality)
O = Onbegrensd (Unlimited, in ideas and in where a yacht can go)
E = Eigenwijs (Do it our own way)
R = Robuust (Robustness, strongness in yachts and people)
S = Samen (Together, with the owner and with our team)

Get to know us

 We would like you to meet our staff

The people who do the work have a lot of influence over how things are built or installed. After all, they’re the ones who know the most about it! Of course, this is always in consultation with the owner or Sales department if something is different from what the owner has asked for. But if this makes it better, simpler or safer, the owner will usually be pleased to be given sound advice.

The shop floor is also involved in the preparations for the new yacht during the preliminary phase. Are there any new technical developments, is there a better way of making something, or have there been any new insights since the construction of the last yacht in terms of materials or hours? The work planners often sit down with the owner beforehand to go through all the things that are important during construction.

During our anniversary year in 2018, we have around 45 permanent employees, surrounded by a flexible shell of professionals and self-employed people we can call on if the work demands it.

Our teams

–   Administration & HR
–   Engineering & Purchasing
–   Hull building
–   Outfitting
–   Carpentry
–   Marketing & Sales