KMY Family

Our team is always ready to assist our yacht owners with advice and assistance in the event of contingencies. KMY owners travel the world with their yachts and regularly send us great photos of special destinations. That inspires us to make these journeys possible and to be part of some great adventures. Once a year we organise an open day where the KMY family comes together. Here we exchange experiences and present the latest insights in the field of yacht building.

Worldwide Service

And if owners need any help, we’re happy to go to them. This could be under a warranty, but also after-sales or to help ‘restart’ the yacht after it has been unused for a while. Locations we’ve been to include: Alaska, Greenland, Iceland, Norway, Patagonia, Grenada, USA, Spain, Greece, Italy, Canary Islands, and many more.

We visit some owners each year as part of a service contract. After the winter all systems are checked, the engine and generators are started up, the paintwork is checked and of course a trial run is made to check the rigging.