Mark your calendar! On April 22 & 23 we will be hosting Open Days again! You’re invited to visit our yard and yachts and see how our yachts are built: our yard will be operational during those days!

The following yachts are already confirmed to be available for show:

> Bestevaer 62 Luskentyre (under construction)
> Bestevaer 56 Namaste (under construction)
> Bestevaer 53 Xaos (under construction)
> Bestevaer 53 Kite (refit)
> Bestevaer 53 Seasquare (finished)
> Bestevaer 53 MY Bryndis & Still (finished)
> Bestevaer 53 MY #3 (for sale) (under construction)
> Bestevaer 49 Katharos (refit
> Bestevaer 49 Beluga (prev. Zwarte Raaf)
> Bestevaer 45 Lionne (only exterior)
> Bestewind 50 Arearea (finished)
> Hoek 65 Weatherly (refit)
> Stadtship 56 Oester (finished)
> Ovni 43 Sanderling (for sale)
Information on new projects such as:
> Bestevaer 36
> Bestevaer MY 63
> Pelagic 77
Come by to receive more information on our new built yachts, Motoryacht or a refit for your current yacht. The yard is open between 10:00-17:00 hrs.

During the Open Days our crew will be working as usual, so you can really see how the yachts are being build.

Catering is provided for. This time there are no suppliers present.

Keep an eye on our website and social media for more updates.

Would you be so kind to register below so we have an idea of the amount of visitors we can expect. Thank you!