Aluminium repairs

Aluminium is our specialisation. Take a look at Aluminium
The hull specialists who build our new-build yachts will be the ones to work on your yacht. Got a dent from a buoy? Hit the rocks in Norway? Somebody else damaged your bow with his anchor fitting?

No problem. The benefit of aluminium is that it is relatively easy to repair. If you have a bare hull, we sand the repair and if your hull is painted, your yacht goes to the paint hall after the repair.


Our carpentry department is on the first floor of the finishing hall. Throughout the year, 4-6 carpenters turn different types of wood into new furniture, complete interiors, handles, teak decks , door frames, floors, et cetera.

High-gloss varnished or stained. In principle, anything is possible. Would you like to replace your old teak floor with an oak floor, or are you considering mahogany cupboards and doors for your new yacht? We would be pleased to help you with the different options and how they could be applied to your yacht.


Although most yachts still have a teak deck, more and more owners are opting for Esthec (plastic). Both materials have their benefits, we don’t have any preferences. You are the one to decide what your deck is made of!


You have a teak deck that could really do with replacing? We can ask our carpenters to take a look and make a proposal. Perhaps a good sanding is enough to give you another two years of yachting fun. If the teak does have to be replaced, we will prepare a quotation including removing and disposing of the existing teak.


Owners who are opting for Esthec generally say they do so, because they don’t like the maintenance of a teak deck. Esthec is easy to clean and oil or wine stains are quickly rinsed off with a hose and a bit of soap, because it cannot be absorbed by the Esthec.
Esthec gives you a choice of several colours and you could lay different ‘lines’ or have the name of your yacht put on the deck. Watch our Esthec testimonial on YouTube


In our newly built yachts we now use an anti-slip film as standard on deck instead of paint. This does away with a lot of maintenance and repair costs because in the long run paint will always wear or corrosion will occur.


An overhaul, winterising or a completely new engine in your sailing or motor yacht? No problem. We have several engineers who can deal with any type of engine.

In the winter of 2020/2021 two yachts, the Swan 45 ‘Elena’ and the Sweden 45 ‘Suede’, are getting a new engine. Both will have the same engine Volvo Penta D2-75.


You just purchased a second-hand yacht? You’re bored with the current interior of your beloved yacht? We would be pleased to help you by preparing a proposal for a different interior.

This new interior could be completely new furniture and furnishings or a new lick of paint and replacing the cushions and the curtains with a nice, new fabric. We would be happy to advise.

For some owners we even changed the actual layout in line with changes to their personal situation, for example because they had children or their children stopped sailing with them.

Building in a lifting keel also has a major impact on the interior and the interior layout. Our engineers can prepare several interior proposals for you, so you can see what the options are and what appeals to you.


It’s common knowledge – if your yacht is properly maintained, you will be able to enjoy it for a lot longer. Unfortunately, not everybody has the time to work on their own yacht, even though that’s most enjoyable. That’s why we’re pleased to do it on your behalf.

The combination with winter storage is attractive to many owners; two birds with one stone.

The links on the left-hand side of this page contain more information and examples of maintenance we could carry out on your yacht.

Do you have any questions or would you like to receive a quote for maintenance on your yacht? Please contact us on +31(0)515 23 88 88 or e-mail



Painting your yacht requires precision. As little filler as possible, how many layers of anti-fouling and what about metallic paint?

Our in-house partners, Koster Jachtschilders and Mast Jachtschilders (who works for the most prominent yacht builders in the Netherlands, including Royal Huisman, Vitters and De Vries Feadship) have experienced and professional craftsmen to ensure that your yacht looks like new.  As there are so many options, it is good to discuss in advance what you would like. Consider:

– spray the entire hull
– anti-fouling
– deck and superstructure
– bilges, forepeak, lazarette
– do you prefer metallic, high gloss or matte paint?


Our mast rigger Jan is always happy to get his ‘seat’ out for you and climb the mast to inspect the mast, spreaders, standing rigging, lighting and anything else. We can do this just before sailing season starts or when you’re ready for winter storage.

If you have your yacht stored indoors, we take the mast down and store it dry in our hall. An inspection report for an insurance or new owner can also be made. Fitting a new mast is possible too. We have contacts with nearly all mast makers and you can certainly order a mast from us – aluminium or carbon.


Over the past few years we have undertaken a refit on the following yachts: 

Bestevaer 49 ‘Zwarte Raaf’
Bestevaer 53 ‘Kite’
Bestevaer 55 ‘Morning Haze’
Stadtship 56 ‘Merrimac’
Hoek 65 ‘Weatherly’
Allures 44 ‘Munot’
Ovni 435 ‘Sanderling’

Bestevaer 53 ‘Aegle’
Bestevaer 53 ‘Best Day Ever’
Dykstra 60 ‘Perserverance’
Koopmans 37 ‘Blikvis’

2018 – 2019
Stadtship 70 ‘Red Rooster’
Stadtship 56 ‘Merrimac’
Bestevaer 50S
Ovni 365
Ovni 435 (see photos of deck wrapping)

2017 – 2018
Tulip 88
Stadtship 54 ‘Infinity’
Bestevaer 55 ‘Albatros’
Bestevaer 53 ‘Best Day Ever’
Bestevaer 53 ‘Aegle’
Bavaria 33 ‘Anna’
Ovni ‘Happy Valentine’
Garcia 47 ‘Zee van Tijd’

Bestevaer 65S ‘Ushuaia’
Bestevaer 50S ‘Volans’
Royal Huisman 34 ‘Robinetta’
Garcia 47 ‘Seabelle’
Garcia 47 ‘Arka’
Ovni 435
Ovni 395
X-Yacht 483 ‘Triple X’

Ovni 365
Ovni 345 ‘Alumula’
Sturier 52 ‘Bonnie’
Stadtship 47 ‘Josephine’

2014 – 2015
Bestevaer 53 ‘Aegle’
Stadtship 70 ‘Red Rooster’
Island Packet 485 ‘Calipso’
Koopmans 39 ‘Isis’
Farr 585 ‘Spock’


On aluminium yachts in particular, it is extremely important that the electrical system on board has been fitted correctly and professionally. Are you unsure or have you discovered electrolysis? We would be pleased to check your yacht and make the necessary corrections.

Our electricians are specialised in aluminium yachts. It goes without saying that you can come to us with any electrical issues on your polyester, steel or wooden yacht.