You have a teak deck that could really do with replacing? We can ask our carpenters to take a look and make a proposal. Perhaps a good sanding is enough to give you another two years of yachting fun. If the teak does have to be replaced, we will prepare a quotation including removing and disposing of the existing teak.


Owners who are opting for Esthec generally say they do so, because they don’t like the maintenance of a teak deck. Esthec is easy to clean and oil or wine stains are quickly rinsed off with a hose and a bit of soap, because it cannot be absorbed by the Esthec.
Esthec gives you a choice of several colours and you could lay different ‘lines’ or have the name of your yacht put on the deck. Watch our Esthec testimonial on YouTube


In our newly built yachts we now use an anti-slip film as standard on deck instead of paint. This does away with a lot of maintenance and repair costs because in the long run paint will always wear or corrosion will occur.