Media Publications

Here some media publications of the yard in various international magazines.

Custom and Series builds

Sailing yachts have taken priority since day one. But the first motor yachts are now also being built and we have designed our first motor yacht together with Dykstra Naval Architects. KMY builds yachts in series and completely custom. The best-known yachts built in series are the Bestevaer, Bestewind and Stadtship. Series construction at KMY means that there is always a great deal of flexibility to incorporate specific customer requirements. Each KMY yacht reflects the character of its owners.

Unique and extreme destinations

KMY yachts are built to make unique and sometimes extreme trips. Many of our yachts have been to the most remote parts of the world’s seas. In cold and uninhabited parts of the world, you need to be able to rely on your yacht to the fullest. High latitude sailing, the North West Passage or Antarctica are dream destinations for owners and we place these dreams within their reach.

Custom Yachts

In recent years there has been a notable rise in the demand for custom yachts at KMY. Owners want to make longer trips, especially to more extreme regions. Individual wishes are what determine the choice for a custom built yacht. KMY has many years of experience in perfectly managing the process of designing and building a custom yacht. This can be done in cooperation with designers (exterior or interior) of your choice who adapt to the required design.

Truly Custom

At KMY, custom is truly custom. What our customers want is what they get. It’s as simple as that.

  • An existing design can be 5 cm narrower because otherwise it won’t fit in the mooring berth at the holiday home in Norway or 1 meter longer because otherwise the washing machine won’t fit.
  • Hardened glass above the engine room? No problem. 
  • A Porsche car seat at the navigation table? No sooner said than done. 
  • Retractable rudders? Let’s do it… 
  • Telescopic wind generators? No problem. 
  • The whole 20m deck filled with solar panels? We’ll make it happen. 
  • Planning to freeze your yacht for 10 months in the North Pole? It has been done before.
  • Hull of 25mm aluminium? We will build it for you.

“What I look for in a yacht isn’t available in the world of yachting. I suppose I’ll just have to work it out for myself.
And you’re actually the only shipyard that’s willing and able to build it!”

Bestevaer 55 owner


The philosophy at KMY is that all the yacht building disciplines are kept in-house. From engineering, hull construction, finishing, interior construction to rigging, KMY can always call on a specialised team of professionals. This approach to building offers full control over the building quality and the entire planning process as well as the flexibility to always take account of customer wishes. After the delivery of each yacht, KMY offers an excellent service to keep it in optimal condition through winter storage, maintenance, repair, after-sales on location and any larger modifications.

The Netherlands is known worldwide for yacht building of the highest quality and the Dutch shipyards have built up a leading position in various market segments. KMY is located in Makkum in the Northern Netherlands, directly on IJsselmeer. This location offers a professional network of specialists in the immediate vicinity with which we work in close partnership.