1. The preliminary design

What is the first step? After you have reached a point where you have a good idea of your individual wishes and requirements, we offer you the possibility to commission a preliminary design.

We develop your ideas in a preliminary design. This design consists of a general arrangement (interior layout), a sail plan, a lateral view of the underwater hull and a deck plan. In this stage only the main lines will be drawn without any further details or elaboration.

KM Yachtbuilders and the yacht architect will both help you and advise you with regard to the preliminary design. In this stage we will go on drawing and developing until we have achieved the right lines and interior lay-out for your ideal yacht.

The preliminary design will give you a real-life image of your yacht and will serve you to get a clearer idea of your wishes. This design and the required specifications will also allow us to give you a better estimate of the total building costs.

The costs for the preliminary design is 1,5% of the starting price of the desired yacht.

Commissioning a preliminary design does not mean you are further bound to the yard, nor do you have to make a decision straight away whether you will actually have the yacht built. There is also no limit in time for when it should be finished.

What is the next step?

Once the preliminary design is entirely to your liking, KM Yachtbuilders uses the design to prepare a quotation to build the yacht. If you decide to have the yacht built at KM Yachtbuilders, we will enter into a building contract. The costs you made for the preliminary design will then be deducted from the building costs. A summary of the advantages of a preliminary design:

  • Specific and tangible results

    After several exploratory talks, the architect and the yard will start translating your wishes into a design.

  • Realistic view
    The preliminary design will give you an idea of what your yacht will look like from the outside and the inside.
  • Saving time
    Having a preliminary design will save you a lot of time in the actual building process.
  • Reducing costs
    The costs for a preliminary design are relatively low. Upon your decision to have the boat built, you will recoup these costs as they are set off against the building costs.
  • Freedom
    You do not yet have to commit yourself.
  • No risk
    You may stop the process at any point without any further obligations.

2. The contract design/project design

If you are not yet ready to conclude a building contract, you may add an additional stage to the process: the project design.

At this stage, the previous plans are modified if needed and elaborated further. The plan concentrates on the general plan, the deck lay-out and the midship section plan. Subjects that are dealt with in this stage are: weight, stability and strength calculations.

The time needed for a contract design is two to three months. During this stage you have no obligation to purchase the yacht. However, the drawings that are made remain KM Yachtbuilders’ property. The amount paid for the contract design will not be reimbursed.

3. Booking a building slot

By booking a building slot you lay down the commencement date for the building of your yacht. When entering into the building contract, this building slot will automatically be reserved.

You may also book a building slot before you sign a building contract, for example in the case that the design stage is not yet finished. In such a case you may book a building slot by paying a deposit of 15% of the final purchase price based on the quotation.

Upon concluding the building contract, this down payment will be set off against the first and/or second installment. Your booking will be valid up to the agreed commencement date. If a building contract is not concluded, the down payment will not be reimbursed.

4. The building specifications

Upon entering into the contract, the set of drawings and written specification is elaborated in detail to prepare for the actual build of the yacht. Depending upon the size of the yacht, the total drawing stage, from making the pre-design, takes three to five months.

5. The building process

The duration of the building stage depends on the yacht’s size. It takes about 12 months to build a 50 feet yacht and the building time for an 80 feet yacht may be as long as 20 months from the moment that the set of drawings has been completed.

For each commission we appoint a project manager. He is responsible for the entire building supervision. You will be introduced to the project manager before signing the building contract. The project manager regularly holds internal building meetings, usually on a weekly basis. We also regularly take photographs for use by the yard, which you may also use for personal purposes.

We will hold progress meetings with you as often as needed. In addition to your project manager, Eeuwe Kooi will also frequently attend these meetings. We will send you the minutes of those meetings along with the drawings, which you are requested to sign and return.

Building the hull

First, the aluminium hull and the superstructure are built. This aluminium process takes place in a dedicated aluminium workshop. After finishing the hull, the aluminium is rinsed and primed. It takes four to six months to finish the hull, depending on size.

Finishing the yacht

This process takes place in the outfitting hall and includes the following steps:

  • Pre-installing the various systems
  • Insulating the yacht
  • Exterior carpentry (deck, superstructure)
  • Installing the engineering systems
  • Interior carpentry
  • Varnishing the interior
  • Spray painting the hull and/or superstructure, if desired
  • Installing the mast and the rigging
  • Testing

This stage takes six to twelve months, depending on size.

6. Calculation methods

Three different methods exist to calculate a price for a custom-built yacht: a fixed price, fixed labour costs and pricing on the basis of actual costs.

  • Fixed price (this is the most common option)
    When opting for this variant, a fixed price is agreed upon to build the yacht.  The total of all labour and material costs is incorporated in the price.
  • Price on the basis of actual costs
    When opting for pricing on the basis of actual or subsequent costing, the budget is entirely open-ended. All labour costs and material costs are calculated on the basis of subsequent costing. Labour costs will be calculated on the basis of an agreed hourly rate. The materials will be charged at cost price plus a previously established mark-up percentage.
  • Fixed labour costs and material pricing on the basis of actual costs
    When opting for fixed labour costs, the total number of hours needed to build the yacht are calculated before starting to build the yacht, thus the total labour costs are established beforehand and are fixed. The material costs are established during the building stage and the materials will be charged at cost price plus a previously established mark-up percentage.

7. Payment terms

The payments are usually divided into ten instalments. The payment terms follow the progress of the work on the yacht, except for the first two payments.

In a personal conversation we can discuss the payment terms with you.

8. Registration

We strongly advice to have the yacht under construction registered in the Dutch ‘Kadaster’, a registry where yachts are registered in the name of the owner.

KM Yachtbuilders can make this registration of ‘yacht under construction’ in your name. We will handle all the documents, the physical ‘burning’ of the registration number in the yacht and the documents needed when the yacht is completed, for a fee. After completion of the yacht, the owner can chose to keep her in the Dutch ‘Kadaster’ or register her in the country of residence.