For each commission we appoint a project manager. He is responsible for the entire building supervision. You will be introduced to the project manager before signing the building contract. The project manager regularly holds internal building meetings, usually on a weekly basis. We also regularly take photographs for use by the yard, which you may also use for personal purposes.

We will hold progress meetings with you as often as needed. In addition to your project manager, Eeuwe Kooi will also frequently attend these meetings. We will send you the minutes of those meetings along with the drawings, which you are requested to sign and return.

Building the hull

First, the aluminium hull and the superstructure are built. This aluminium process takes place in a dedicated aluminium workshop. After finishing the hull, the aluminium is rinsed and primed. It takes four to six months to finish the hull, depending on size.

Finishing the yacht

This process takes place in the outfitting hall and includes the following steps:

  • Pre-installing the various systems
  • Insulating the yacht
  • Exterior carpentry (deck, superstructure)
  • Installing the engineering systems
  • Interior carpentry
  • Varnishing the interior
  • Spray painting the hull and/or superstructure, if desired
  • Installing the mast and the rigging
  • Testing

This stage takes six to twelve months, depending on size.