We develop your ideas in a preliminary design. This design consists of a general arrangement (interior layout), a sail plan, a lateral view of the underwater hull and a deck plan. In this stage only the main lines will be drawn without any further details or elaboration.

KM Yachtbuilders and the yacht architect will both help you and advise you with regard to the preliminary design. In this stage we will go on drawing and developing until we have achieved the right lines and interior lay-out for your ideal yacht.

The preliminary design will give you a real-life image of your yacht and will serve you to get a clearer idea of your wishes. This design and the required specifications will also allow us to give you a better estimate of the total building costs.

The costs for the preliminary design is 1,5% of the starting price of the desired yacht.

Commissioning a preliminary design does not mean you are further bound to the yard, nor do you have to make a decision straight away whether you will actually have the yacht built. There is also no limit in time for when it should be finished.