Our professional in-house fields include:

  • engineering 
  • 3D modelling for aluminium & interiors
  • technical work preparation 
  • hull building
  • interior building
  • electrical
  • mechanical
  • painting
  • rigging
  • and everything else involved


How do you recognize craftsmanship? At KMY, it’s the finest details that make the difference. Well thought-out details are important because they have a positive impact on life on board. And on yacht travel. The overall quality of a yacht is of course also very important. How do we tackle that? A yacht built by KMY must retain its qualities at sea even after years of use. Safety and reliability are just as important to us as aesthetics. For an owner this translates into carefree sailing and outstanding value retention if the yacht is ever sold.

Yachtbuilders Academy

KMY is a member of the Yachtbuilders Academy. An initiative in the Northern Netherlands in which, together with other parties in the world of yacht building, continuous investment is made in the level of training and knowledge among our professionals. This is based on collaboration with knowledge institutions where young people are trained. At the same time, we invest in the lifelong learning of all our employees in order to constantly set the bar as high as possible. Now and in the future.