As a navigator he sailed the Whitbread Around the World Race on the yacht ‘Flyer’ with skipper Conny van Rietschoten – and won the race. In 2005 he broke the transatlantic speed record on ‘Windrose’. Furthermore, he is well-known for projects such as ‘Athena’, ‘Maltese Falcon’ and several J-Class yachts. At the moment Gerry has stepped back and Thys Nikkels runs the design office, whereas Edwin Luijff is the head designer for the Bestevaer yachts.

Gerard and his wife Loontje sail together on their Bestevaer 53 “II”.

Designer/owner comment:
“Designing any boats is a balancing act between many desirable characteristics and inevitable the end-product is a compromise, never perfect in all aspects. However, the Bestevaer 2 comes close to my ideal. The past voyages proved this right.” – Gerard Dijkstra, naval architect and owner of Bestevaer2.

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