The Design

All the ships that we build in collaboration with Van de Stadt Design are launched under the name ‘Stadtship’. The Stadtships are exclusively built by KM Yachtbuilders.Van de Stadt Design create ‘high performance’ yachts without making any concessions regarding safety. Their designs are comfortable and easy to sail. Their spacious interiors, make them ideal blue-water cruisers. The yacht may be built with either a lift keel, a centreboard or a fixed keel.  The Stadtship 56 ‘Oester’ features a lift keel which makes this a safe yacht for ocean sailing without having to give up mooring in a small inner harbour. It also allows for drying out on sand flats in tidal rivers and estuaries

The cooperation

Van de Stadt Design has more than seventy years of experience designing elegant and advanced sailing and motor yachts up to about 120 feet. Trintella and Dehler are examples of Van de Stadt sailing yachts. Van de Stadt invented the balanced rudder and designed the ‘Valk’, a well-known Dutch keelboat. The Design Office that bears his name is internationally renowned. For more information: