The following yachts will be for show:
• Bestevaer 45 Godewind
• Bestevaer 45 Lene
• Bestevaer 45 Lionne (under construction)
• Bestevaer 49 Katharos (for sale)
• Bestevaer 53 BVII (Gerard Dykstra’s yacht)
• Bestevaer 53 Aegle (for sale)
• Bestevaer 55 Albatros
• Bestevaer 53 Greyhound (under construction)
• Bestevaer 53 Motoryacht
• Bestevaer 72 Symbiose (on appointment only)
• Bestevaer 72 Christopher (for sale)
• Stadtship 56 Oester
• Pelagic 77
• Ed Joy 56 (under construction)
• Catamaran 32m Sabrina (refit)
• Il Moro di Venezia III (refit)
Please note the above list might change, no rights can be held from it.

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