Upsizing tends to be the trend, but this owner went from a Bestevaer 60C to a Bestevaer 53T, and then to a 45ST. So that meant downsizing!

However, the owner of the “Africa” knows what he’s doing: “The kids no longer sail with us, and my wife and I don’t want to do any long trips anymore. The Bestevaer 45ST is the perfect daysailer for us.” The doghouse offers shelter against wind and water. On the lower deck the guest cabin can be found on the port side and the wet cell with separate shower are on the starboard side. In front of that is a bench with the chart table behind it. In front of the guest cabin on the port side the galley has been fitted, with a spacious sitting area with dining table in front of it.

The owner’s cabin is situated at the stem. The interior is of a traditional style, but because of the use of white walls and ceilings it looks light and spacious. The low ceiling (1.85 m) was built at the owners’ request, as neither of them are very tall.The Bestevaer 45 series has been inspired by the Bestevaer Pilot Cutters, designed for KM Yachtbuilders by Dykstra Naval Architects.

It was requested by a repeat customer. After his previous Bestevaer 53ST he wanted a fibreglass boat, but after three weeks of nose wind from the Caribbean to the Azores, he was so impressed by the experience of sailing in an aluminium Bestevaer that he cancelled the order for the fibreglass boat.

The owner wanted a daysailer with excellent sailing properties, which would enable him to go on 4-week sailing holidays. It is a lightweight boat with a high ballast ratio. Its modern rigging and straightforward sail plan mean that the boat can be operated single-handedly. Its long waterline and high ballast ratio guarantee excellent performance.

Below is a video from a couple who looked at the Africa since she is for sale. It gives you a good idea of what the yacht looks like.