‘Anabel’ is a good example of what we call a ‘custom built’ sailing yacht, but what does ‘custom built’ actually mean?

Eeuwe Kooi, owner of KM Yachtbuilders: “Our philosophy is that a yacht has to ‘fit’ its owner, like a tailor-made Italian suit. That’s only possible if everything is made-to-measure according to the owner’s wishes and ideas. It’s sometimes hard for outsiders to understand certain choices that are made on board, or they’re not the choices they would make themselves. That’s understandable – after all, no two people are the same. Anabel was designed and built for her owner and for nobody else. That’s the great thing about custom building. If the owner is happy we are too, and we’ve succeeded in our mission!”

The owner of Anabel wanted a yacht based on his own ideas. He couldn’t find what he wanted ‘in the market’. One of his wishes was the ability to sail completely self-reliantly and independently, i.e. no quayside power connection, a large set of batteries, plenty of solar panels on deck and two large telescopic wind generators.

‘Safety’ was also on his wishlist, another important reason to choose a KMY aluminium yacht. This requirement was met by the option for ice reinforcement in the 8 mm hull and 10 mm hull plates around the lifting keel, the standard integrated watertight bulkheads, the addition of a watertight door and the deep cockpit from which everything can be operated.

You can tell from the pilot house that the owner also likes flying helicopters. Just one big helm seat, centrally positioned, straight in front of a ‘motherboard’ featuring many meters, digital panels and buttons. There are even switches with various functions on the ceiling. The windows provide an all-round view outside and above in order to keep an eye on the sails.

It will come as no surprise that blue is the owner’s favourite colour. The hull has a blue stripe between the coaming and the fender strip, and the gangways and front deck area also painted blue. The mast and the jib were also sprayed the same colour on request. Inside there are no standard cupboard doors, but custom based blue roller hatches that are guaranteed to stay shut in the event of a roll-over. The colour blue is also found in the upholstery and other details on board.
The type of wood used for the interior catches the eye: oiled tiger wood. This is a wild wood type that is rarely used for yacht interiors. Combined with the white ceiling and walls the appearance remains fresh and light.

Bestevaer 66ST Anabel Spiegel der Zeilvaart 2014_NL