With this new motoryacht KM Yachtbuilders is introducing yet another great design by Dykstra Naval Architects.
The resounding success of the Bestevaer brand has inspired us to produce this modern motor yacht. Distinctive and recognisable to connoisseurs as a true Bestevaer, we are proud to introduce you to the latest member of our family. The straight bow, the characteristic structure and the defining lines are especially recognisable. Built in aluminium, this is a yacht for passionate water sports enthusiasts who appreciate quality, safety, comfort and space.

The motor yacht will stand out from other yachts on the water.

The first motor yacht is launched and the owner is sailing with her.

Contact us if you would like to learn more, or visit our website dedicated to the Bestevaer 53 Motor Yacht.

Deining Magazine made a teaser about the first Motor Yacht for an article in their magazine. Watch the video here.

Open Ship

We’d like to invite you on board of our Bestevaer 53 Motor Yacht ‘Bryndis‘. In July we will take her to Germany for a tour over the Rhine and up to Hamburg.

The ship will stop in the following cities on the Rhine so that anyone who wants to can have a look on board and experience the yacht.

Karlsruhe (July 3-4)
Mainz (July 6-7)
Cologne (July 9-10)
Düsseldorf (July 12-14)
Hannover (July 17th)
Hamburg (July 19-21)

Would you like to come by? Please let us know preferably before Monday June 21st so we can make a schedule per city.


Bestevaer 53 Motor Yacht Boote 2021 2_DEU
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Bestevaer 53 Motor Yacht Boote 2021 01 _DEU
Bestevaer 53 Motor Yacht Bryndis Villa dArte 2020 12 NL
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