‘Bestevaer II’ is Gerard Dijkstra’s own yacht. Top naval architect Dijkstra wanted: “a ship that could be sailed in cold climates and that was able to winter in those regions – the ideal concept sailing yacht for ocean cruisers, who are looking for comfortable no-nonsense yachts”.
The hull is reinforced for ice conditions (10 mm aluminium at the bow), only standpipes are installed, the engine has keel cooling and the exhaust is air-cooled, the windows have perspex interior hatches against condensation and the yacht has an extra thick layer of insulation foam. The hull is reinforced and stiffened with additional stringers and bulkheads. There are three watertight bulkheads.
The combination of a straight bow with a fine entry, a long waterline and the weight of the ship concentrated amidship, ensure good performance at all points of sail and a comfortable movement in heavy seas.
The yacht’s stability is enhanced by water ballast: 1,800 litres on each side. The entire amount can be pumped to the other side in 8 seconds. This yacht has a fixed keel.

Mr. Dykstra says about his yacht, after sailing about 30.000nm in 10 years: “What is probably the most outstanding feature of the design is the behavior in a seaway, also going to windward at speed. Due to her fine pilot cutter bow she is not stopped, but slices through the waves. Her moderate sail area / displacement and length / displacement ratio also makes for good behavior. ”


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