The idea of an ideal blue water yacht was the main aspect in developing the German 39C. Perfection in functionality, aesthetic and quality are dominant themes of this yacht. The non-compromising design of hull, deck and interior produced a yacht that unites performance, safety and fun in a comfortable and fast aluminium yacht. Get excited on an abundance of new ideas and developments.

The matchless and up-to-date design combines the functionality of a blue water yacht with the luxurious tenures of a cruising yacht, with performance requirements apparent for connoisseurs. It means recognising a German 39C when standing in front of it.

The result is a unique shape with extraordinary large windows that allow a lot of light entering the interior of the yacht to brighten up the rooms. Despite its size this yacht’s concept is outstanding:
High enough to stand up with plenty of air and storage space.

Elegance, speed, simple handling and safety are characteristics of this design. Rope and sheets run sub based aft to the cockpit, all cleats and winches can be handled from the steering. All these features imprint a deck layout of a perfect single handed sailor.
Open space instead of narrowness !

Passable and concise solar panels ensure a positive energy leveling. The board bus system offers an efficient power management with an exceptional variety of individual solutions. Four different rig variations are available. A water ballast system is integrated to improve sailing efficiency. A lifting keel allows variable draught and in combination with the double rudder it can take ground, worry-free.