Custom built. What does that really mean? A closer look at the “Tranquilo” and the “HannaH” will give you the answer. They both have a hull which is almost identical, and yet they are completely different. The most obvious difference is their interior design. Both owners have chosen a style that reflects their own requirements and taste.

The “Tranquilo” is modern, light and sleek. It’s almost like a loft in New York. The “HannaH” has a more traditional and warm interior, with a shipping theme.

The two ships also have a different layout. The “Tranquilo” has a dog house while the “HannaH” has a pilot house, which offers shelter. The front peak of the “HannaH” is left empty, or can be used as a work shop, while the “Tranquilo” has the owner’s cabin in the front. Both have “only” one wet cell. The owner of the “Tranquilo” sails around the world on his own, while the couple that owns the “HannaH” will usually be on board together. “Why should I sacrifice space for a second toilet and shower, which would hardly ever be used? I now have a bigger lounge, which I use every day,” is how the owner of the “Tranquilo” puts it.

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