An aluminium sailing yacht with a length over 17 metres and a draught of 80 centimetres? Not a problem for KM Yachtbuilders! Thanks to a lift keel (0.80 – 3.15m), two retractable rudders and a 15 mm aluminium bottom, this Stadtship 56 can safely rest on mud flats, navigate shallow coastal waters and cross oceans. This yacht is easy to sail with a two-man crew. The long water line and water ballast create a comfortable and fast sailing yacht.

This is the second Stadtship 56 built by the shipyard in Makkum. The first Stadtship 56, ‘Oester’, was completed in 2005 and served as the inspiration for the owners of the ‘Merrimac’.
‘Merrimac’ is outwardly the same as ‘Oester’. The unpainted hull makes the sleek aluminium clearly visible. The deck is painted Oyster white with anti-slip on the walking areas. The carbon mast originates from Hall Spars with a Park Avenue boom made by KM. The foresail is bent onto a “self tacking” Hoyt boom.
Safety and functionality are of the utmost importance to the owners. That is expressed in the 90 cm sea railing with fixed stainless steel tubes rather than the customary steel wire. The entire superstructure is framed by a rail onto which the lifeline can be clipped, which makes it unnecessary to disconnect when moving to the foredeck. The cockpit and the wheelhouse are fitted with plenty of handles. The cockpit and its coaming are lined with teak. A special feature is that the vessel has a tiller made of aluminium and teak, and the protruding trim tabs ensure that she steers like a 37 footer. The stern is open and there is sufficient room on the swimming platform for a dinghy. Six solar panels and the antennas are placed on a specifically designed rack aft. The 2500 kg water ballast reduces the gradient by 9 degrees, providing one knot of extra speed.

Merrimac Spi Foto Zeilen 2010-10_NL
Stadtship 56 Merrimac Leeuwarder Courant 2010-07_NL