Warm and cosy. A nautical but modern look. Those were the owner’s wishes for his “Pilgrim”. The Bestevaer 55ST “Albatros” was his inspiration.
Mr. S., owner of the Bestevaer 55ST “Pilgrim”: “She’s a beauty! She looks a lot better than I thought she would. My wife and I are so happy with this ship.” He modestly adds: “I feel as if we don’t deserve her. I first wanted to complete her myself, but I’m glad that I left that to the wharf.”

The entrance is in the deep cockpit, leading to the pilot house where the navigation table and benches are. On the lower deck is the guest cabin, with the toilet and a separate shower in front. The kitchen is on the starboard side; it has a Corian table top and a Cardanic gas cooker with oven. The lounge is spacious and comfy. The dining table is on the starboard side, and there is a large corner bench with diesel stove for pleasant warmth during cold days on the port side. The owner’s cabin is at the stem; it has a large bed with a lot of storage space in the wardrobes and cupboards. It would be possible to build an extra wet cell in this front cabin if more privacy is required.

The deck cabin and straight bow are two striking features of the Bestevaer 55ST. Above the waterline she has a traditional look – based on the old English pilot cutters – but below that there is a modern underwater ship.

The owner initially wanted a Bestevaer 53ST, but he decided he wanted more space. By making the ship 2 feet longer the interior width was increased significantly, by about 25 centimetres. It meant that the flush deck also became large, with a convenient layout. Because of the flush deck the freeboard is slightly higher than that of other Bestevaer ships, which means that an average interior headroom of 1.97 m can be guaranteed.

The water ballast ensures that it is comfortable to be on board while you are sailing; the difference is about 8 degrees of incline. The crew is safe in the deep cockpit, and the pilot house offers shelter against wind and water.

The front 5 metres of the ship have been built with extra thick aluminium, which means that she can also sail through ice in cold regions such as Spitsbergen and Greenland.