The custom sailing yacht, Qilak 66, was delivered end of 2018 by KM Yachtbuilders to its Belgian owners – father, son and daughter – in the port of Zeebrugge.

Safety and robustness were important criteria for the owner. This is reflected in the collision bulkhead in the forepeak, ice reinforcement of 10 mm instead of 6 mm skin plates under the waterline and an ice-girder there. The yacht has a total of 5 watertight doors. She also has a dry exhaust, keel cooling, two 70 kg anchors, aluminium deck hatches and a lift keel with double rudders. The Qilak was designed by Owen Clarke Yacht Design from England. The ship is built to sail with guests in high latitude areas, pole to pole as the owner puts it.
The chartering will initially be done from Tromsø in Norway, from where the yacht will put into Spitsbergen, Iceland and Greenland. The ultimate goal is to sail to the Southern Hemisphere and navigate the Beagle Canal in southern Chile and Argentina. There is room on board for 8 guests and 3 crew members. The dinghy is kept in a dinghy garage under the cockpit and can take guests from the ship to the shore for a ski or hiking trip. After a ski & sail, guests can warm up in the on-board sauna while dinner is prepared for them in the spacious galley.

Owner and captain Phil said on delivery: “Forty years of dreaming, four years of planning and now, after one and a half years of building, the time has finally come. This is one of the best days of my life! To do this together with my son and daughter is very special for me, and I really look forward to making fantastic trips aboard Qilak and showing guests the beautiful world in the North and far South.”

The beautiful scenic photos shown here from one of those charter trips to Spitsbergen were made by


LoA: 20.07 m
LWL: 19.75 m
Beam: 6.14 m
Draught: 1.70-3.57 m
Ballast: 8.200 kg.
Height: 29.90 m
Displ.: 44T
Material: Aluminium
Engine: Steyr 150hp
Cabins: 2x 3 gasten, 2x 2 gasten, 2x crew.
Baths: 2x electric toilet, 1x urinal, 2x shower, 1x sauna
Sails: Main sail 124 m 2 , Genoa 123.9 m 2, Solent 87.1 m 2,
Staysail 38 m 2, Code 5 226.4 m 2, Spinnaker A2 350 m 2,
Trysail 37 m 2, Storm jib 25 m 2

Diesel: 4800L
Fresh water: 3730L
Grey/black water: 1300L
Particulars: Lift keel, double spade rudders, dry exhaust, keel cooling,
ice reinforcement in the bow, five watertight doors, dinghy garage,
technical workspace, 2x professional steering chairs,
aluminium mast and boom, 2x 70kg Rocna anchors, aluminium
custom flush hatches.

Find more info -also about chartering- on the website of Qilak

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