“Ah Your Majesty, there is no second”

Is the famous reply from the Signal Master of HMY Victoria and Albert, to Queen Victoria upon being asked which yacht was approaching in second behind the leading Schooner “America’ in the “One Hundred Sovereign Cup” around the Isle of Wight in 1851. Schooner ‘America’ won the race with an 18 minute lead and the race was thereafter renamed the America’s Cup.

140 years later “Il Moro di Venezia III” won the first world championship for the new International America’s Cup Class in 1991. “Il Moro III “with sailnumer ITA-15 never competed in the Louis Vuitton Cup but was used as trail boat. The ‘Il Moro” yachts were all commissioned and owned by Italian industrialist Raul Gardini. In total he built 5 of them before his unforeseen death in 1993. Build number VI was under construction at the time. The Ill Moro yachts are considered to be part of Italian heritage.

Germán Frers was responsible for the design of these yachts and the close relationship between the two men was the reason he established a design office in Milan, being originally from Argentina.

Since 1993 the yacht has been sold and moved around quiet a bit from the San Diego area to Italy, ending up in Sweden some 200 km from the nearest ocean. A new Italian owner has taken an interest in the Il Moro yachts and will have the number III refitted at our yard. Unfortunately, there is not much left of the original regatta characteristics as the yacht had been converted to a cruiser. The new owner intents to get her back in her original state as much as possible. The refit will be done in close unison with the German Frers office and the owner’s representative.

Sail number: ITA-15
Design: German Frers
Owner: Raul Gardini (1991-1993)
Helmsman/skipper: Paul Cayard

IACC San Diego 1991 winner

Photos by David Madison/Getty Images & Van de Wetering Transport & KMY