The Bestevaer 53 is the most successful of the Bestevaer series of which a number of ships have been built. Those ships have proven to be no-nonsense, reliable go-anywhere-yachts with excellent sailing properties. New design features of the Bestevaer 53 are, for instance, an improved sail plan and deck lay-out for easy handling. Tried and tested technology is used. The ship is soundly built, well equipped and has excellent handling qualities. The designer Gerard Dijkstra has given a great deal of attention to good sailing qualities, shorthanded operation, comfort, safety, good sailing qualities when either under power or sail, storage space, and service friendliness. The Bestevaer 53 meets all of these aspects and is a vessel, which can access every sea or ocean due to its outstanding hull design. The interior design and lay-out, storage room and equipment give a commodious stay aboard. The Bestevaer 53 is in fact a custom built yacht, therefore, many requirements for interior layout and equipment are taken into consideration.

The ‘Seasquare’ has a deep and safe cockpit with steering wheel. The pilot house provides shelter from wind and spray. Her carbon mast and furling boom make the sail handling easy especially for a short handed crew. If the weather gets too bad the crew moves inside the light pilot house and keeps watch from there. The professional steering seat ensures a comfortable watch. Down below is a modern but cozy interior with a long galley and U-shaped sitting/dining area. Two baths and two cabins ensure privacy for owner and guests. Underneath the pilot house is a technical area situated. The door between salon and owner cabin might look like a regular door but it is actually a watertight door in a watertight bulkhead.

The yacht has been sold recently.