Together with German Frers the Dutch owner has designed a yacht with a classic hull form above the waterline, but with modern features under the waterline, such as a flat underwater hull and a raising keel. The ship will be light and fast enough to take part in regattas.
The owner is planning to take this superb yacht sailing in the Mediterranean and the Caribbean during the next few years. The size and the separate crew area also make the vessel ideal for use as a charter yacht.

There is room on board for six guests and two crew members. The wheelhouse will be the central living space on board, with a dining table, card table, TV, library and refrigerator in the same space. All four cabins have their own wet cell in order to give the owner and guests all the privacy and comfort they need. The cockpit is spacious and teak lined, as is the rest of the deck.

This is the first time that KM Yachtbuilders has built a German Frers design. We are very much looking forward to working with this well-known and respected designer from Argentina. Sinot Yacht Design in Eemnes will be providing a stylish, modern and luxurious interior design. Natural colours such as brown, beige, cream and grey will alternate with the intense dark orange that frequently recurs in the detailing.

Tulip 88_GermanFrers_SuperyachtWorld_ENG
Tulip_88_German_Frers_Yachting World_ENG
Tulip Holland Superb Yachts 2010_NL