After the successful series of s-550, s-720, s-850 and s-850 Speedster sloops, the s-1100 Shooting Break is officially launched. This handcrafted boat has a width of 3.60 meters, has a clearance of 2 meters.

The sloop (sloep) is an unique Dutch concept with the most interior space in its size, super stable, fast and child friendly.
Ideal for all the watersport fans.

With the agility of the s-850 Speedster this is a boat with which you can really go on vacation, that is what makes the S-1100 Shooting Break so unique. The existing clevernesses and innovations, such as the unrivaled interior space in combination with a super fast underwater ship, make the S-1100 Shooting Break the ultimate 37ft day boat. ”

In addition to the unique maintenance features with self-draining cockpit, the s-1100 Shooting Break also has all the luxury on board. From air conditioning to a tent with which the entire cockpit can be closed. With this boat the real water sports enthusiast can even make large sea trips, go waterskiing and there is also sufficient storage space for for example two supplanks. The four spacious berths and comfortable seating for up to 27 people, makes this seaworthy boat ideal for a party on the water. It can be equipped with a Yamaha F350 outboard engine (equipped with Helm Master® under reservation). Thanks in part to these extremely powerful V8 engines and the well thought-out design of the hull, the s-1100 achieves a top speed of 90 km/h.